all=200&vare1=Movies (I)&vari1=2527&varq1=According to AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs: the #1 ranked comedy.&vara1=Duck Soup&varb1=Some Like it Hot&varc1=Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb&vard1=The Producers&vart1=B&vare2=Strange Deaths (I)&vari2=2455&varq2=__________, detective and spy, died allegedly when he contracted gangrene after slipping and biting his tongue.&vara2=Allan Pinkerton&varb2=Claude Melnotte &varc2=Henry Thomas Harrison&vard2=Charles C. Carpenter&vart2=A&vare3=Music (I)&vari3=3241&varq3="Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis tops the chart for 1 week.&vara3=1988&varb3=1982&varc3=1980&vard3=1985&vart3=B&vare4=Movies (I)&vari4=2533&varq4=The 1972 movie "The Godfather" was directed by __________.&vara4=George Lucas&varb4=Francis Ford Coppola&varc4=Roman Polanski&vard4=Milos Forman&vart4=B&vare5=Medieval History (I)&vari5=791&varq5=One of the first recorded taxes on income was the __________ introduced by Henry II in 1188 to raise money for the Third Crusade.&vara5=Geld&varb5=Doomsday Tax&varc5=Poll Tax&vard5=Saladin Tithe&vart5=D&vare6=Phobias (II)&vari6=267&varq6=Fear of bad odours.&vara6=Osmophobia&varb6=Tetraphobia&varc6=Murophobia&vard6=Trichophobia&vart6=A&vare7=Scientific Laws (I)&vari7=2509&varq7=The vapour pressure of an ideal solution is directly dependent on the vapour pressure of each chemical component and the mole fraction of the component present in the solution.&vara7=Byerlee's Law&varb7=Raoult's Law&varc7=Archie's Law&vard7=Fick's Law&vart7=B&vare8=Modern History - 1800s (I)&vari8=794&varq8=1822: The Portuguese __________ decides to stay in Brazil against the orders of the Portuguese King João VI, beginning the Brazilian independence process.&vara8=Prince Luís of Orléans-Braganza&varb8=João Carlos, Prince of Beira&varc8=Pedro I of Brazil&vard8=Prince Gaston, Count of Eu&vart8=C&vare9=Hockey (I)&vari9=323&varq9=Worst ± rating in one regular season, __________, -82.&vara9=Chris Chelios&varb9=Bill Mikkelson&varc9=Sylvain Turgeon&vard9=Alexei Yashin&vart9=B&vare10=Roman Mythology (I)&vari10=2288&varq10=She was the personification of the Roman state.&vara10=Aurora&varb10=Carmen&varc10=Laverna&vard10=Roma&vart10=D&vare11=Classical History (I)&vari11=1136&varq11=Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, the Imperial Roman Army's bloodiest defeat.&vara11=9 AD&varb11=43 BC&varc11=127 AD&vard11=88 AD&vart11=A&vare12=Comics (I)&vari12=2068&varq12=In the debut story, "The Human Dynamo", he perfects a formula that allows people to directly store, generate, and control electricity, and tests this formula on himself. The formula increases his strength, gives him the power to fire bolts of lightning, and grants him the power of flight. He was one of the several superhero characters to join the US Army in the wake of World War II, fighting the Japanese military forces both in and out of costume. &vara12=Johnny Thunder&varb12=Captain Freedom&varc12=Shock Gibson&vard12=Señor Electricity&vart12=C&vare13=Poetry (I)&vari13=1593&varq13=Don't go far off, not even for a day, because -- Because -- I don't know how to say it: a day is long And I will be waiting for you, as in an empty station When the trains are parked off somewhere else, asleep. - Don't Go Far Off&vara13=Ralph Waldo Emerson&varb13=Pablo Neruda&varc13=Edna St. Vincent Millay&vard13=Philip Larkin&vart13=B&vare14=Crown Jewels (I)&vari14=3275&varq14=Also known as the Rod of Equity and Mercy, it is a sceptre of the British Crown Jewels. Originally made for the coronation of King Charles II in 1661, its design included a gold rod with bands of gemstones topped with a symbol representing the Holy Ghost.&vara14=Sceptre with the Cross&varb14=Sceptre with the Dove&varc14=Sovereign's Orb&vard14=Jewelled Sword of Offering&vart14=B&vare15=The Age of Exploration (II)&vari15=3037&varq15=Christopher Columbus's Second Voyage set sail on September 25, 1493, by November 3rd, they sighted the island of Dominica, in the West Indies. He crisscrossed the Caribbean and discovered many islands in the process. There were so many islands, that Columbus named them "__________".&vara15=Las Mil Estrellas&varb15=Las Mil Virgenes&varc15=Los Cien Estrellas&vard15=Los Cien Isla&vart15=B&vare16=Football (World Cup) (I)&vari16=3333&varq16=He has scored the most goals in qualifying, 35.&vara16=Ali Daei&varb16=Just Fontaine&varc16=Ronaldo&vard16=Archie Thompson&vart16=A&vare17=Capitals of the World (I)&vari17=2096&varq17=The capital and largest city of Azerbaijan, as well as the largest city on the Caspian Sea and of the Caucasus region. The inner city along with the Shirvanshah's Palace and Maiden Tower were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. According to the Lonely Planet's ranking, it is also among the world's top ten destinations for urban nightlife.&vara17=Yerevan&varb17=Baku&varc17=Antananarivo&vard17=T'bilisi&vart17=B&vare18=Aviation (I)&vari18=2838&varq18=He found that most of the lift from a bird-like wing appeared to be generated at the front edge, and concluded correctly that long, thin wings would be better than the bat-like ones suggested by many, because they would have more leading edge for their area. Today this relationship is known as aspect ratio of a wing.&vara18=Francis Herbert Wenham&varb18=Carroll Gray&varc18=John Browning&vard18=Octave Chanute&vart18=A&vare19=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari19=874&varq19=1903: US President __________ sends a radio message to King Edward VII. It is the first transatlantic radio transmission originating from the United States.&vara19=Theodore Roosevelt &varb19=Woodrow Wilson&varc19=Franklin D. Roosevelt&vard19=William McKinley&vart19=A&vare20=Jokes (I)&vari20=1517&varq20=I don't deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don't deserve that either.&vara20=Jerry Seinfeld&varb20=Don Rickles&varc20=Jack Benny&vard20=Jim Carrey&vart20=C&vare21=Basketball (I)&vari21=593&varq21=The Los Angeles Clippers franchise also played as the __________.&vara21=Utah Jazz&varb21=Fort Wayne Pistons&varc21=Rochester Royals&vard21=Buffalo Braves&vart21=D&vare22=Lit Snippets (I)&vari22=1685&varq22="I just want someone to hear what I have to say. And maybe if I talk long enough, it'll make sense." - Fahrenheit 451&vara22=G. K. Chesterton&varb22=Booth Tarkington&varc22=George Eliot&vard22=Ray Bradbury&vart22=D&vare23=Lit Snippets (I)&vari23=1649&varq23="A king is a splendid reality, a man raised above us like a god. You can see him; you can kiss his hand; you can be cheered by his smile and terrified by his frown." - Annajanska, The Bolshevik Empress &vara23=Charles Dudley Warner&varb23=Lewis Carroll&varc23=Sir Walter Scott&vard23=George Bernard Shaw &vart23=D&vare24=Countryside (UK) (I)&vari24=2748&varq24=Cricket St. Thomas&vara24=Powys&varb24=West Glamorgan&varc24=Somerset&vard24=Sutherland&vart24=C&vare25=American Football (I)&vari25=510&varq25=The Dallas Cowboys were not to first NFL team with the moniker "Cowboys". Who were?&vara25=New York&varb25=Rock Island&varc25=Dayton&vard25=Kansas City&vart25=D&vare26=Inventions (I)&vari26=86&varq26=__________ introduced a primitive form of roulette and the roulette wheel in the 17th century in his search for a perpetual motion machine.&vara26=Blaise Pascal &varb26=Isaac Newton &varc26=Galileo Galilei &vard26=Nicolas Copernicus&vart26=A&vare27=Greek Mythology (I)&vari27=2323&varq27=The god of Dreams.&vara27=Apollo&varb27=Morpheus&varc27=Hypnos&vard27=Ophion&vart27=B&vare28=Strange Deaths (I)&vari28=2457&varq28=__________, writer and musicologist, was killed when the sailboat he was on was struck by a landing seaplane off Long Island, New York.&vara28=Michael Lorenz&varb28=Robert Walser&varc28=James Webster&vard28=Gustav Kobbé&vart28=D&vare29=Cataclysm and Calamities (I)&vari29=1899&varq29=The Super Outbreak is the second largest tornado outbreak on record for a single 24-hour period. It was also the most violent tornado outbreak ever recorded, with 30 F4/F5 tornadoes reported. With a death toll of over __________, this outbreak was the deadliest since the 1936 Tupelo-Gainesville tornado outbreak. Its death toll would also not be surpassed until the April 25–28, 2011 tornado outbreak.&vara29=1000&varb29=300&varc29=100&vard29=500&vart29=B&vare30=Phobias (II)&vari30=280&varq30=Fear of the grave, or fear of being placed in a grave while still alive.&vara30=Emetophobia&varb30=Agoraphobia&varc30=Taphophobia&vard30=Cibophobia&vart30=C&vare31=Culinary Delights (I)&vari31=423&varq31=This dish is a Western interpretation of Indian pickles, a relish of chopped pickled vegetables and spices.&vara31=Branston Pickle&varb31=Parkin&varc31=Worcestershire Sauce&vard31=Piccalilli&vart31=D&vare32=World War I (I)&vari32=110&varq32=1919: __________, Admiral Ludwig von Reuter scuttles the German fleet in Scapa Flow, Orkney. The nine sailors killed are the last casualties of World War I.&vara32=June 21 &varb32=September 11 &varc32=August 26 &vard32=March 7&vart32=A&vare33=Crown Jewels (I)&vari33=3307&varq33=The largest pink diamond in the world, approximately 182 carats, originally from India but now part of the __________ Crown Jewels.&vara33=Swedish&varb33=Iranian&varc33=French&vard33=Japanese&vart33=B&vare34=Baseball (II)&vari34=3009&varq34=American League: He had the highest single season stolen base total of the 1970s with 83.&vara34=Amos Otis&varb34=Rickey Henderson&varc34=Billy North&vard34=Willie Wilson&vart34=D&vare35=Egyptian Mythology (I)&vari35=2396&varq35=The goddess of the valley of the kings, a cobra-goddess, sometimes triple-headed, dweller on the top of or the personification of the pyramid-shaped mountain, Al-Qurn, which overlooked the tombs of the pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings.&vara35=Meretseger&varb35=Hapi&varc35=Seshat&vard35=Shu&vart35=A&vare36=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari36=811&varq36=The first General Assembly of the United Nations opens in London. Fifty-one nations are represented.&vara36=1940&varb36=1953&varc36=1926&vard36=1946&vart36=D&vare37=Golf (I)&vari37=2594&varq37="Duffy", a four-time PGA Tour winner and wine connaisseur, with a taste in flamboyant shirts and golf balls decorated by his children.&vara37=James Joseph Waldorf, Jr&varb37=Arnold Palmer&varc37=Byron Nelson&vard37=Walter Hagen&vart37=A&vare38=Culinary Delights (I)&vari38=574&varq38=Italian Cuisine: It consists of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.&vara38=Pasta e Fagioli&varb38=Sugo al Pomodoro&varc38=Colomba Pasquale&vard38=Bruschetta &vart38=D&vare39=Modern History - 1500s (I)&vari39=761&varq39=The end of his reign saw Russia descend into the Time of Troubles.&vara39=Boris Godunov&varb39=Ivan the Terrible&varc39=Vasili III&vard39=Ivan III the Great&vart39=A&vare40=Comics (I)&vari40=667&varq40=A fictional character, a zombie supervillain in the DC Comics Universe. Named after the 19th century nursery rhyme.&vara40=Humpty Dumpty&varb40=Solomon Grundy&varc40=Penny Plunderer&vard40=Mad Hatter&vart40=B&vare41=Golf (I)&vari41=2572&varq41=In 1945 he enjoyed a record-breaking year, winning 18 of 35 PGA tournaments including 11 in a row. Both records are still yet to be beaten.&vara41=Sam Snead&varb41=Ben Hogan&varc41=Bobby Jones&vard41=Byron Nelson&vart41=D&vare42=Aviation (I)&vari42=2864&varq42=Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries made the first flight across the English Channel on January 7, __________.&vara42=1925&varb42=1865&varc42=1785&vard42=1898&vart42=C&vare43=Modern History - 1500s (I)&vari43=146&varq43=Buenos Aires, Argentina was founded by Spaniard, __________, in 1536. &vara43=Hernán Cortés&varb43=Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca&varc43=Juan Sebastián Elcano&vard43=Pedro de Mendoza &vart43=D&vare44=Hockey (I)&vari44=311&varq44=Most regular season assists, Wayne Gretzky, __________.&vara44=1821&varb44=1866&varc44=1963&vard44=1900&vart44=C&vare45=Comics (I)&vari45=2051&varq45=Typically portrayed as a smooth-talking yet quirky character, he was deemed insane by the courts of intense obsessive compulsion and neurosis.&vara45=Doctor Double X&varb45=The Monk&varc45=Calendar Man&vard45=Riddler&vart45=D&vare46=World War II (I)&vari46=1064&varq46=1942: The first United States forces arrive in Europe landing in __________.&vara46=England&varb46=Ireland&varc46=Scotland&vard46=Northern Ireland&vart46=D&vare47=Medieval History (I)&vari47=90&varq47=The University of Oxford receives its charter.&vara47=1214 &varb47=1435 &varc47=1367 &vard47=1522&vart47=A&vare48=American Football (I)&vari48=518&varq48=The Miami Dolphins completed the only fully undefeated season in the NFL in __________.&vara48=1966&varb48=1981&varc48=1972&vard48=1974&vart48=C&vare49=Modern History - 1600s (I)&vari49=7&varq49=Charles Stuart (King Charles I of England), as his death warrant states, was beheaded on Tuesday, 30 January __________.&vara49=1611&varb49=1649&varc49=1626 &vard49=1600&vart49=B&vare50=Olympics (I)&vari50=1836&varq50=Olympics Records - Athletics: Men's 4x100m Running, 36.84.&vara50=Jamaica&varb50=United States&varc50=Netherlands&vard50=Canada&vart50=A&vare51=Capitals of the World (I)&vari51=2098&varq51=The capital, largest city, and commercial centre of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The city has a population of 248,948 (2010 census), 70 percent of the entire population of the Bahamas. It was burned to the ground by the Spanish in 1684, but later rebuilt and renamed in 1695 in honour of the Dutch Stadtholder and later also King of England, Scotland and Ireland, William III.&vara51=Providence&varb51=Nassau&varc51=Monrovia&vard51=Bahama City&vart51=B&vare52=Cataclysm and Calamities (I)&vari52=1900&varq52=Hurricane __________ was the deadliest and costliest hurricane of the 1954 Atlantic hurricane season. The storm killed as many as 1,000 people in Haiti before striking the United States as a Category 4 hurricane. After causing 95 fatalities in the US, Hazel struck Canada as an extratropical storm, raising the death toll by 81 people, mostly in Toronto. As a result of the high death toll and the damage it caused, its name was retired from use for North Atlantic hurricanes.&vara52=Gilda&varb52=Alice&varc52=Edna&vard52=Hazel&vart52=D&vare53=Cricket (I)&vari53=2813&varq53=He holds the record for highest runs scored average in ODI cricket, 59.55.&vara53=Michael Bevan&varb53=AB de Villiers&varc53=Mahendra Singh Dhoni&vard53=Hashim Amla&vart53=D&vare54=Movies (I)&vari54=2547&varq54=He stars in the 1940 movie "The Grapes of Wrath".&vara54=Gary Cooper&varb54=Henry Fonda&varc54=Robert Mitchum&vard54=Edward G. Robinson&vart54=B&vare55=Strange Deaths (I)&vari55=2463&varq55=He died allegedly because of the so-called King Tut's Curse after a mosquito bite on his face, which he cut while shaving, became seriously infected with erysipelas, leading to blood poisoning and eventually pneumonia.&vara55=Jean-François Champollion&varb55=George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon&varc55=Henry Field&vard55=Howard Carter&vart55=B&vare56=Modern History - 1600s (I)&vari56=1216&varq56=The Killing Time: Five Covenanters in __________, Scotland, notably Margaret Wilson, are executed for refusing to swear an oath declaring King James of England, Scotland and Ireland as head of the church.&vara56=Glasgow&varb56=Creetown&varc56=Wigtown&vard56=Kirkcudbright&vart56=C&vare57=Baseball (II)&vari57=3099&varq57=He is the only American League winner of the Cy Young Award to win more than 30 games in a season.&vara57=Gaylord Perry&varb57=Denny McLain&varc57=Vida Blue&vard57=Catfish Hunter&vart57=B&vare58=Canadian History (I)&vari58=1980&varq58=In 1501 and 1502 the Corte-Real brothers explored Newfoundland and Labrador, claiming them as part of the __________ Empire.&vara58=English&varb58=French&varc58=Portuguese &vard58=Dutch&vart58=C&vare59=Golf (I)&vari59=2570&varq59=The oldest winner on the PGA Tour was __________ at 52.&vara59=Arnold Palmer&varb59=Craig Stadler&varc59=Sam Snead&vard59=Fred Funk&vart59=C&vare60=Baseball (II)&vari60=3057&varq60=American League: He had the highest single season home run total of the 1920s, 60.&vara60=George Sisler&varb60=Ken Williams&varc60=Bob Meusel&vard60=Babe Ruth&vart60=D&vare61=Jokes (I)&vari61=1472&varq61=Did you ever see the customers in health - food stores? They are pale, skinny people who look half - dead. In a steak house, you see robust, ruddy people. They're dying, of course, but they look terrific.&vara61=Bill Cosby&varb61=Jim Carrey&varc61=Tim Allen&vard61=George Carlin&vart61=A&vare62=Cricket (I)&vari62=2821&varq62=He holds the ODI cricket record for most runs conceded in an innings, 113.&vara62=Martin Snedden&varb62=Tim Southee&varc62=Mick Lewis&vard62=Muttiah Muralitharan&vart62=C&vare63=Inventions (I)&vari63=2187&varq63=The __________, a device for measuring growth in plants, was invented in the early 20th century by the Bengali scientist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose.&vara63=Crown&varb63=Gynophore&varc63=Calcifuge&vard63=Crescograph&vart63=D&vare64=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari64=759&varq64=Mother Teresa arrives in Calcutta, India to begin her work among India's poorest and sick people.&vara64=1929&varb64=1936&varc64=1941&vard64=1945&vart64=A&vare65=Hockey (I)&vari65=313&varq65=Most assists in one game: __________ (1947), Wayne Gretzky (1980, 1985, 1986), 7.&vara65=Elmer Lach&varb65=Max Bentley&varc65=Syl Apps&vard65=Billy Taylor &vart65=D&vare66=Astronomy (I)&vari66=995&varq66=A persisting hexagonal wave pattern around the north polar vortex in the atmosphere of this planet was first noted in the Voyager images.&vara66=Jupiter&varb66=Mars&varc66=Saturn&vard66=Neptune&vart66=C&vare67=Modern History - 1800s (I)&vari67=105&varq67=The first Victoria Cross is awarded during the bombardment of Bomarsund in the Åland Islands.&vara67=1837 &varb67=1854 &varc67=1873 &vard67=1893&vart67=B&vare68=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari68=800&varq68=Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson, __________ the poet Alfred Tennyson, becomes the second Governor-General of Australia.&vara68=Nephew of &varb68=Cousin of&varc68=Son of&vard68=No Relation to&vart68=C&vare69=Hockey (I)&vari69=489&varq69=The St. Louis Blues have won the Stanley Cup __________ times since joining the NHL in 1967.&vara69=2&varb69=5&varc69=4&vard69=0&vart69=D&vare70=American History (I)&vari70=1069&varq70=1825: The U.S. Congress approves "Indian Territory" (in what is present-day Oklahoma), clearing the way for forced relocation of the Eastern Indians on the "__________".&vara70=Potawatomi Trail of Death&varb70=Appalachian Way&varc70=Trail of Tears&vard70=Long Walk&vart70=C&vare71=Modern History - 1500s (I)&vari71=1158&varq71=1502: Meñli I Giray defeats the _________ and sacks their capital, Sarai. &vara71=Kazakh Khanate&varb71=Ilkhanate&varc71=Scythians&vard71=Golden Horde &vart71=D&vare72=Conquerors (I)&vari72=1730&varq72=He was the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. A Muslim of Kurdish origins, he led Islamic opposition against the European Crusaders in the Levant. At the height of his power, his sultanate included Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, Hejaz, Yemen, and parts of North Africa.&vara72=Al-Aziz Uthman&varb72=Al-Afdal&varc72=Saladin&vard72=Suleiman the Magnificent&vart72=C&vare73=Prison Escapes (I)&vari73=2473&varq73=__________ escaped from Allenwood Federal Prison in 1979.&vara73=Ted Bundy&varb73=Henri Charrière&varc73=Dwight Worker&vard73=Michael Sabo&vart73=D&vare74=Aviation (I)&vari74=2840&varq74=In 1874, __________ built the "Monoplane", a large plane made of aluminium in Brest, France, with a wingspan of 13 meters and a weight of only 80 kilograms (without the driver). Several trials were made with the plane, and it is generally recognized that it achieved lift off under its own power after a ski-jump run, glided for a short time and returned safely to the ground, making it the first successful powered flight in history, although the flight was only a short distance and a short time.&vara74=John J. Montgomery&varb74=Francis Herbert Wenham&varc74=Alphonse Pénaud&vard74=Félix du Temple&vart74=D&vare75=Poetry (I)&vari75=1582&varq75=It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of ANNABEL LEE; And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. - Annabel Lee&vara75=Edgar Allan Poe&varb75=Walt Whitman&varc75=Brian Patten&vard75=Hilaire Belloc&vart75=A&vare76=Egyptian Mythology (I)&vari76=2419&varq76=The god of storms, if evil he is actually the god of chaos, desert; patron of Upper Egypt.&vara76=Bast&varb76=Set&varc76=Meskhenet&vard76=Mafdet&vart76=B&vare77=World War I (I)&vari77=3120&varq77=1914: The United Kingdom declares war on Germany, after Germany invades Belgium.&vara77=August 15&varb77=September 30&varc77=September 12&vard77=August 4&vart77=D&vare78=Basketball (I)&vari78=1754&varq78=Most 30+ point games, career, 563. &vara78=Shaquille O'Neal&varb78=Kobe Bryant&varc78=Kareem Abdul-Jabbar&vard78=Michael Jordan&vart78=D&vare79=Medieval History (I)&vari79=539&varq79=Eastern European countries (most of them with populations showing allegiance to the Orthodox Church) began their numbered year on __________ from about 988.&vara79=September 1 &varb79=January 1&varc79=March 16&vard79=August 26&vart79=A&vare80=Baseball (II)&vari80=3003&varq80=American League: He had the highest single season stolen base total of the 1920s with 63.&vara80=Eddie Collins&varb80=Sam Rice&varc80=Johnny Mostil&vard80=Buddy Myer&vart80=B&vare81=Poetry (I)&vari81=1595&varq81=Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. - Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night&vara81=Lewis Carroll&varb81=Dante Alighieri&varc81=Dylan Thomas&vard81=Ella Wheeler Wilcox&vart81=C&vare82=Capitals of the World (I)&vari82=2083&varq82=The capital city and the largest city of Libya. It was founded in the 7th century BC by the Phoenicians, who named it Oea.&vara82=Bujumbura&varb82=Malabo&varc82=Tripoli&vard82=Libya&vart82=C&vare83=Conquerors (I)&vari83=1719&varq83=He is perhaps most famous for the terracotta army guarding his tomb. More than 8,000 life-sized warriors were created, as well as 600 horses and 130 chariots.&vara83=Qin Shi Huang&varb83=The Yellow Emperor&varc83=Liu Pi&vard83=Wang Mang&vart83=A&vare84=Capitals of the World (I)&vari84=2125&varq84=With an estimated population of 296,500, __________ is the capital and largest city of the Sultanate of Brunei. Habitation on the banks of the Brunei River can be traced back to the 8th century AD. Its original name is a name given to Bruneian monarchs who have abdicated, originally coming from the Sanskrit word for "god", the Persian word for "port" or "haven", and the Malay word for "town".&vara84=Kathmandu&varb84=Bandar Seri Begawan&varc84=Yamoussoukro&vard84=Maputo&vart84=B&vare85=Crown Jewels (I)&vari85=3264&varq85=Until the beginning of the 18th century French kings wore plain crowns unembellished with precious stones. This was changed by King __________ in 1722, when he had a new crown created, which he had embellished with diamonds from the Royal Collection. He wore it at his coronation.&vara85=Louis XII&varb85=Charles X&varc85=Francis VI&vard85=Louis XV&vart85=D&vare86=Cataclysm and Calamities (I)&vari86=834&varq86=2012: The passenger cruise ship __________ sinks off the coast of Italy. There are 32 deaths (and a few people still missing) amongst the 4232 passengers and crew.&vara86=Vincennes &varb86=Costa Concordia &varc86=De Haven &vard86=Albatross&vart86=B&vare87=Cricket (I)&vari87=2797&varq87=He holds the record for most Test cricket double centuries, 12.&vara87=Brian Lara&varb87=Kumar Sangakkara&varc87=Donald Bradman&vard87=Virender Sehwag&vart87=C&vare88=Movies (I)&vari88=2560&varq88=He won the 1988 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama playing Raymond Babbitt in "Rain Man".&vara88=Gene Hackman&varb88=Dustin Hoffman&varc88=Tom Hanks&vard88=Al Pacino&vart88=B&vare89=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari89=693&varq89=The German Workers' Party, which would become the Nazi Party, is founded.&vara89=1919&varb89=1933&varc89=1922&vard89=1928&vart89=A&vare90=Ancient History (I)&vari90=901&varq90=650 BC (est.), two-masted ships are invented by the __________ in Italy.&vara90=Celts&varb90=Samnites&varc90=Etruscans &vard90=Latins&vart90=C&vare91=The Age of Exploration (II)&vari91=172&varq91=The first European to explore Florida and South East America.&vara91=Juan Ponce de Leon&varb91=Hernando Cortes&varc91=Hernando De Soto&vard91=Sir Richard Hawkins&vart91=C&vare92=Modern History - 1800s (I)&vari92=29&varq92=The beginning of the French colonization of Algeria: 34,000 French soldiers begin their invasion of Algiers, landing 27 kilometers west at Sidi Fredj.&vara92=1814 &varb92=1860 &varc92=1830 &vard92=1847&vart92=C&vare93=Ancient History (I)&vari93=911&varq93=The Akkadian Empire, founded by __________, lasted from the 24th to the 21st century BC, and was regarded by many as the world's first Empire. &vara93=Ur-Nammu&varb93=Sargon the Great&varc93=Nimrod&vard93=Gilgamesh&vart93=B&vare94=Culinary Delights (I)&vari94=566&varq94=Swedish cabbage rolls filled with minced pork meat, and in some cases rice. They are usually eaten with boiled potatoes, gravy and lingonberry jam.&vara94=rtsoppa&varb94=Kåldolmar&varc94=Pannkakor&vard94=Janssons Frestelse&vart94=B&vare95=World War I (I)&vari95=885&varq95=1915: January 19, German __________ bomb the towns of Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn in the United Kingdom killing more than 20, in the first major aerial bombardment of a civilian target.&vara95=Bi-planes&varb95=Zeppelins&varc95=Tri-planes&vard95=Rockets&vart95=B&vare96=Culinary Delights (I)&vari96=940&varq96=Traditional __________ dishes ara low-fat, low-salt foods, such as fish, tofu, and seaweed. __________ are known for their longevity. Five times as many __________ live to be 100 than the rest of Japan, and the Japanese are the longest lived nationality in the world.&vara96=Chūbu&varb96=Kyushu&varc96=Okinawan&vard96=Kansai &vart96=C&vare97=World War I (I)&vari97=3159&varq97=The Battle of __________ was the first major action of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) of the war.&vara97=Mons&varb97=Haelen&varc97=Mulhouse&vard97=Ypres&vart97=A&vare98=Jokes (I)&vari98=1531&varq98=My report card always said, 'Finishes first and then disrupts the other students'.&vara98=Jim Carrey&varb98=Robin Williams&varc98=Jack Benny&vard98=Jay Leno&vart98=A&vare99=Culinary Delights (I)&vari99=565&varq99=Swedish Cuisine: fermented herring served with boiled potatoes and salad.&vara99=Surströmming&varb99=Kålrot&varc99=Blåbärssoppa&vard99=Kåldolmar&vart99=A&vare100=Football (World Cup) (I)&vari100=3335&varq100=The record for most consecutive matches with at least one goal is shared by Just Fontaine (France) and __________ (Brazil), 6.&vara100=Vavá&varb100=Pelé&varc100=Ronaldo&vard100=Jairzinho&vart100=D&vare101=Modern History - 1800s (I)&vari101=41&varq101=Major Rohde Hawkins (given names not army rank) was a British __________ of the Victorian period.&vara101=Politician &varb101=Architect &varc101=Numismatist &vard101=Librarian&vart101=B&vare102=World War I (I)&vari102=3144&varq102=1917: The Battle of Passchendaele (also known as the Third Battle of Ypres) begins.&vara102=March 16&varb102=August 18&varc102=May 10&vard102=July 31&vart102=D&vare103=Classical History (I)&vari103=1129&varq103=250 BC: Rise of __________(Ashkâniân), the second native dynasty of ancient Persia.&vara103=Cappadocia&varb103=Parthia &varc103=Media&vard103=Iran&vart103=B&vare104=Conquerors (I)&vari104=1909&varq104=__________ was the Magyar leader whom sources name as the single leader who unified the Magyar tribes via the Covenant of Blood, forging what was thereafter known as the Hungarian nation. He led the new nation to the Carpathian Basin in the 9th century. From 895 to 902 the whole area of the Carpathian Basin was conquered by the Hungarians. Allowing the Hungarians to conduct successful campaigns and raids as far as today's Spain.&vara104=Stephen I&varb104=Koppány&varc104=Coloman&vard104=Árpád&vart104=D&vare105=Conquerors (I)&vari105=1720&varq105=He was made Consul after Caesar's death, then formed a triumvirate with Mark Anthony and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.&vara105=Augustus Caesar&varb105=Cassius Brutus&varc105=Pompey the Great&vard105=Scipio Africanus&vart105=A&vare106=Golf (I)&vari106=2595&varq106=His nickname is "El Gato" (Spanish for "The Cat"). The Argentine has a feline way of stalking around his shots.&vara106=Ángel Cabrera&varb106=Eduardo Romero&varc106=Sebastián Fernández&vard106=José Cóceres&vart106=B&vare107=Movies (I)&vari107=2534&varq107=The 1950 movie "Sunset Boulevard" was directed by __________.&vara107=Elia Kazan&varb107=John Ford&varc107=Billy Wilder&vard107=Sidney Lumet&vart107=C&vare108=Conquerors (I)&vari108=1705&varq108=Originally known as Temüjin of the Borjigin, he was born holding a clot of blood in his hand. &vara108=Genghis Khan&varb108=Tamerlane&varc108=Attila the Hun&vard108=Ashoka the Great&vart108=A&vare109=Cricket (I)&vari109=2154&varq109=This nation has scored the highest number of runs in an innings, 952-6 d.&vara109=Sri Lanka&varb109=India &varc109=England&vard109=New Zealand&vart109=A&vare110=World War I (I)&vari110=3146&varq110=1918: January 8, __________ issues his Fourteen Points to peace.&vara110=Kaiser Wilhelm II&varb110=U.S. President Woodrow Wilson&varc110=South Africa Prime Minister Louis Botha&vard110=Czar Nicolas II&vart110=B&vare111=The Age of Exploration (II)&vari111=3036&varq111=On Christopher Columbus's First Voyage, he set sail from the port of __________, in southern Spain on August 3, 1492.&vara111=Palos&varb111=Seville&varc111=Granada&vard111=Almeria&vart111=A&vare112=Music (I)&vari112=3249&varq112=The longest running #1 single of 1987 is "Livin' on a Prayer" by __________.&vara112=Starship&varb112=Bob Seger&varc112=Billy Idol&vard112=Bon Jovi&vart112=D&vare113=Football (World Cup) (I)&vari113=3353&varq113=The very first hat-trick in a World Cup match was scored by Bert Patenaude of __________ in a match against Paraguay in the 1930 World Cup.&vara113=Netherlands&varb113=England&varc113=United States of America&vard113=Mexico&vart113=C&vare114=French History (I)&vari114=2929&varq114=The Capetians, in a way, held a dual status of King and Prince; as king they held the Crown of Charlemagne and as Count of Paris they held their personal fiefdom, best known as __________.&vara114=Hauts-de-Seine&varb114=Val-de-Marne&varc114=Île-de-France&vard114=Seine-Saint-Denis&vart114=C&vare115=Basketball (I)&vari115=579&varq115=The Baltimore Bullets won their only NBA championship in __________.&vara115=1954&varb115=1948&varc115=1961&vard115=1977&vart115=B&vare116=Inventions (I)&vari116=132&varq116=1893: Thomas A. Edison finishes construction of the first motion picture studio, Edison Studios, also known as __________, in West Orange, New Jersey.&vara116=T.E. Studios&varb116=Mammoth Studios&varc116=The Black Maria &vard116=The Jersey Reel&vart116=C&vare117=Modern History - 1600s (I)&vari117=1204&varq117=1622: __________ is the first European to see Lake Superior. &vara117=Samuel de Champlain&varb117=David Kirke&varc117=Étienne Brûlé &vard117=François Gravé Du Pont&vart117=C&vare118=Scientific Laws (I)&vari118=2508&varq118=This law describes the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a black body in thermal equilibrium at a definite temperature. &vara118=Planck's Law&varb118=Raoult's Law&varc118=Birch's Law&vard118=Byerlee's Law&vart118=A&vare119=Cataclysm and Calamities (I)&vari119=1273&varq119=May 7, 1915: The British ocean liner RMS __________ is torpedoed by U-20, a German U-boat, off the Old Head of Kinsale in Ireland and sinks in 18 minutes. 1,198 lives are lost. The sinking proves to be a factor in the American decision to enter World War I two years later.&vara119=Etruria&varb119=Campania&varc119=Carpathia&vard119=Lusitania &vart119=D&vare120=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari120=780&varq120=The African National Congress is founded.&vara120=1946&varb120=1963&varc120=1912&vard120=1924&vart120=C&vare121=Modern History - 1500s (I)&vari121=1174&varq121=1556: __________ conquers Astrakhan, opening the Volga River to Russian traffic and trade. &vara121=Vasili III&varb121=Ivan III, the Great&varc121=Rurik, Prince of Novgorod&vard121=Ivan the Terrible &vart121=D&vare122=Basketball (I)&vari122=1759&varq122=Most consecutive free throws made, 97.&vara122=Karl Malone&varb122=Paul Pierce&varc122=Micheal Williams&vard122=José Calderón&vart122=C&vare123=French History (I)&vari123=2930&varq123=Following the Battle of __________, England was linked to France through Normandy. Although the Normans were vassals of the French kings they were also their equals as kings of England, though their zone of political activity remained centered in France.&vara123=Alençon&varb123=Domfort&varc123=Évreux&vard123=Hastings&vart123=D&vare124=Cataclysm and Calamities (I)&vari124=1269&varq124=June 15, 1904: A fire aboard the steamboat General Slocum in New York City's __________ kills 1,021.&vara124=Hudson River Basin&varb124=Saddle River&varc124=Hackensack River &vard124=East River &vart124=D&vare125=Basketball (I)&vari125=582&varq125=The Chicago Bulls franchise has won the NBA Championship __________ times.&vara125=6&varb125=14&varc125=18&vard125=9&vart125=A&vare126=Medieval History (I)&vari126=21&varq126=In __________, Forces led by Prince Tran Quang Khai of Vietnam's Tran Dynasty destroys most of the invading Mongol naval fleet in a battle at Chuong Duong.&vara126=1338 &varb126=1023 &varc126=1152 &vard126=1285 &vart126=D&vare127=The Age of Exploration (II)&vari127=3046&varq127=He sailed from Cadiz on May 18, 1499, reached coast of Brazil in June, and explored 3,000 miles of the coast of South America. Returned to Cadiz in June, 1500.&vara127=Vasco Nuñez de Balboa&varb127=Juan de la Cosa&varc127=Amerigo Vespucci&vard127=Don Diego Velásquez &vart127=C&vare128=Roman Mythology (I)&vari128=2270&varq128=The goddess of the rite through which fathers accepted newborn babies as their own.&vara128=Hermaphroditus&varb128=Arruns Tarquinius&varc128=Decima&vard128=Levana&vart128=D&vare129=Cataclysm and Calamities (I)&vari129=804&varq129=1927: A fire at the Laurier Palace movie theatre in __________, kills 78 children.&vara129=Montreal, Canada&varb129=Toronto, Canada&varc129=Ottawa, Canada&vard129=Quebec City, Canada&vart129=A&vare130=Medieval History (I)&vari130=61&varq130=The Tang Dynasty ruled China from __________ until __________.&vara130=1126-1504 &varb130=618-907 &varc130=305-514 &vard130=1307-1393&vart130=B&vare131=Poetry (I)&vari131=1412&varq131=Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could... - The Road Not Taken&vara131=Lao Tzu&varb131=Khalil Gibran&varc131=Robert Frost&vard131=John Greenleaf Whittier&vart131=C&vare132=Kings and Queens (I)&vari132=1629&varq132=His mother, Marie de' Medici, acted as regent during his minority. &vara132=Louis XIII&varb132=Henry IV&varc132=Charles X&vard132=Louis XV&vart132=A&vare133=Modern History - 1500s (I)&vari133=1164&varq133=1550: The first grammatical description of the French language is published by __________. &vara133=Adam Bohorič&varb133=Sebastian Krelj&varc133=Louis Maigret&vard133=Heinrich Decimator&vart133=C&vare134=Modern History - 1500s (I)&vari134=53&varq134=__________ declared William I, Prince of Orange, an outlaw and put a reward of 25,000 crowns for his assassination.&vara134=Emperor Charles V&varb134=King Francis I of France &varc134=Queen Joanna (the Mad) of Castile and León &vard134=King Philip II of Spain &vart134=D&vare135=Quotes (II)&vari135=1438&varq135=The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.&vara135=Jim Morrison&varb135=Albert Camus&varc135=Vince Lombardi&vard135=Elbert Hubbard&vart135=C&vare136=Phobias (II)&vari136=226&varq136=Fear of having no escape and being closed in.&vara136=Cyberphobia &varb136=Chiroptophobia&varc136=Coulrophobia&vard136=Claustrophobia&vart136=D&vare137=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari137=16&varq137=1934: After meeting Adolf Hitler in Venice, Benito Mussolini calls Hitler a __________.&vara137=Great Hero of Fascism &varb137=Commander of Reknown &varc137=Silly Little Monkey &vard137=Powerful Orator&vart137=C&vare138=Pirates and Highwaymen (I)&vari138=3162&varq138=The coolness with which he met his death prolonged his notoriety, and his name was commonly used as a synonym for a daring thief in the early years of the nineteenth century.&vara138=Jack Sheppard&varb138=Jerry Abershawe&varc138=Joseph "Blueskin" Blake&vard138=Jonathan Wild&vart138=B&vare139=Modern History - 1800s (I)&vari139=26&varq139=The French Army of First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte defeats the Austrians at the Battle of Marengo in Northern Italy and re-conquers Italy.&vara139=1800 &varb139=1814 &varc139=1822 &vard139=1818&vart139=A&vare140=Quotes (II)&vari140=1325&varq140=Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.&vara140=Plato&varb140=Nelson Mandela&varc140=Norman Vincent Peale&vard140=John F. Kennedy&vart140=C&vare141=Modern History - 1800s (I)&vari141=564&varq141=Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom is proclaimed Empress of India.&vara141=1867&varb141=1877&varc141=1857&vard141=1837&vart141=B&vare142=Kings and Queens (I)&vari142=1352&varq142=He had been termed "the wisest fool in Christendom", an epithet associated with his character ever since.&vara142=Richard III of England&varb142=James I of Scotland and England&varc142=Louis X of France&vard142=Philip II of Spain&vart142=B&vare143=Modern History - 1600s (I)&vari143=1211&varq143=A comet is observed, which later becomes known as Comet Halley, after Edmond Halley successfully predicts that it will return in 1758. &vara143=1672&varb143=1627&varc143=1682&vard143=1614&vart143=C&vare144=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari144=20&varq144=__________ becomes the first man-made object to leave the central Solar System when it passed beyond the orbit of Neptune (the furthest planet from the Sun at the time).&vara144=Pioneer 10 &varb144=Voyager 1 &varc144=Galileo &vard144=New Horizons&vart144=A&vare145=Roman Mythology (I)&vari145=2282&varq145=The goddess of peace; she was depicted in art with olive branches, a cornucopia and a scepter. &vara145=Intercidona&varb145=Caca&varc145=Abundantia&vard145=Pax&vart145=D&vare146=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari146=1060&varq146=January 26, 1905, the world's largest diamond ever discovered, the __________, weighing 3,106.75 carats (0.62135 kg), is found at the Premier Mine near Pretoria in South Africa.&vara146=Cullinan &varb146=Lesser Star of Africa&varc146=Hope&vard146=Akbar Shah&vart146=A&vare147=Geography (I)&vari147=2625&varq147=The __________ archipelago consists of four main islands aligned along a northwest-southeast axis at the north end of the Mozambique Channel, between Mozambique and the island of Madagascar.&vara147=Seychelles&varb147=Comoros&varc147=Mauritius&vard147=Sri Lanka&vart147=B&vare148=Classical History (I)&vari148=642&varq148=The __________ is generally regarded as marking the last large scale use of war elephants in the West.&vara148=Battle of Ruspina&varb148=Battle of Trebia&varc148=Battle of Thapsus &vard148=Battle of Carthage&vart148=C&vare149=Conquerors (I)&vari149=1911&varq149=He was the first Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights.&vara149=Hermann von Salza &varb149=Konrad I of Masovia&varc149=Andrew II of Hungary&vard149=Heinrich Walpot von Bassenheim&vart149=D&vare150=Astronomy (I)&vari150=1018&varq150=The most massive known dwarf planet in the Solar System and the ninth most massive body known to orbit the Sun directly.&vara150=Eris&varb150=Pluto&varc150=Haumea&vard150=Makemake&vart150=A&vare151=Kings and Queens (I)&vari151=1351&varq151=James VI of Scotland (James I of England) was born June 19, 1566, to Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley and __________.&vara151=Mary, Queen of Scots&varb151=Anne of Denmark&varc151=Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia&vard151=Sophia, Electress of Brunswick-Lüneburg&vart151=A&vare152=Greek Mythology (I)&vari152=2316&varq152=The primordial goddess of inevitability, compulsion, and necessity.&vara152=Hera&varb152=The Ourea&varc152=Atlas&vard152=Ananke&vart152=D&vare153=Jokes (I)&vari153=1564&varq153=No man goes before his time - unless the boss leaves early.&vara153=David Letterman&varb153=Chris Rock&varc153=Lucille Ball&vard153=Groucho Marx&vart153=D&vare154=Hockey (I)&vari154=872&varq154=1886: Modern hockey is born with the formation of The Hockey Association in __________.&vara154=Canada&varb154=United States of America&varc154=France&vard154=United Kingdom&vart154=D&vare155=French History (I)&vari155=2927&varq155=It was the most important event of the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Charles the Fat and a turning point in the fortunes of the Carolingian dynasty and the history of France.&vara155=Siege of Paris&varb155=Battle of Englefield&varc155=Siege of Asselt &vard155=Battle of Leuven&vart155=A&vare156=Pirates and Highwaymen (I)&vari156=3207&varq156=The 1935 film "Captain Blood", starring Errol Flynn, adapted from Rafael Sabatini's novel, was loosely based on __________'s life.&vara156=Jean Fleury&varb156=Edward "Blackbeard" Teach&varc156=Edward England&vard156=Henry Morgan&vart156=D&vare157=American Football (I)&vari157=683&varq157=Most consecutive seasons leading league, fewest times sacked, 9.&vara157=San Franscisco 49ers&varb157=New England Patriots&varc157=Philadelphia Eagles&vard157=Miami Dolphins&vart157=D&vare158=Greek Mythology (I)&vari158=2365&varq158=The Titan of the Underworld river that bears her name and personification of hatred.&vara158=Hyperion&varb158=Demeter&varc158=Styx&vard158=Aura&vart158=C&vare159=Modern History - 1800s (I)&vari159=559&varq159=French rule ends in Haiti. Haiti becomes the first black republic and second independent country in North America after the United States.&vara159=1776&varb159=1811&varc159=1801&vard159=1804&vart159=D&vare160=Basketball (I)&vari160=1698&varq160=Most free throws made in a game without a miss, 23. &vara160=Karl Malone&varb160=Moses Malone&varc160=Kobe Bryant&vard160=Dominique Wilkins&vart160=D&vare161=Phobias (II)&vari161=255&varq161=Fear of fats in food.&vara161=Phagophobia&varb161=Photophobia&varc161=Lipophobia &vard161=Heliophobia&vart161=C&vare162=French History (I)&vari162=2906&varq162=The __________ founded cities as early as the 8th century BC, such as Tolosa (Toulouse).&vara162=Ligurians&varb162=Iberians&varc162=Aquitanians&vard162=Ionian Greeks&vart162=C&vare163=Comics (I)&vari163=666&varq163=This company was known as __________, before taking on its current name (DC Comics).&vara163=Dell Publishing&varb163=EC Comics&varc163=American Comics&vard163=Action Comics&vart163=D&vare164=Conquerors (I)&vari164=1726&varq164=He founded the Achaemenid Persian Empire through his conquering of the Median, Lydian and Neo-Babylonian Empires. His empire spanned across three continents. However, unlike many other conquerors, his empire endured long after his demise due to the political infrastructure he created.&vara164=Hammurabi&varb164=Cyrus II&varc164=Darius I&vard164=Alexander the Great&vart164=B&vare165=Culinary Delights (I)&vari165=567&varq165=Swedish Cuisine: fishballs, made from minced white fish meat.&vara165=Gravlax and Meatballs&varb165=Falukorv&varc165=Fiskbullar&vard165=Julskinka&vart165=C&vare166=Conquerors (I)&vari166=1901&varq166=He began his working life as a clerk in a public office. Because of his achievements in the war against Carthage that had begun in 409 BC, he was elected supreme military commander in 406 BC; in the following year he seized total power and became tyrant.&vara166=Gero &varb166=Dionysius I&varc166=Gwanggaeto&vard166=Theodosius I&vart166=B&vare167=Medieval History (I)&vari167=770&varq167=871: __________ leads a West Saxon army to repel an invasion by Danelaw Vikings.&vara167=Alfred the Great&varb167=Æthelweard of Wessex&varc167=Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians&vard167=Æthelwulf, King of Wessex&vart167=A&vare168=Ancient History (I)&vari168=1078&varq168=It was not until 5000 BC that the first signs of advanced agriculture appeared, marking the beginning of the civilization. The "first link in the European chain."&vara168=Minoan&varb168=Aegean&varc168=Otomani &vard168=Tumulus &vart168=A&vare169=Poetry (I)&vari169=1581&varq169=Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. - Dreams&vara169=Ted Hughes&varb169=Thomas Hardy&varc169=Langston Hughes&vard169=Arthur Rimbaud&vart169=C&vare170=Greek Mythology (I)&vari170=2315&varq170=The primordial god of the upper air and light.&vara170=Aether&varb170=Perses&varc170=Pallas&vard170=Morpheus&vart170=A&vare171=Astronomy (I)&vari171=1000&varq171=The nearest extrasolar planet to our solar system. &vara171=Kepler-42d&varb171=Pollux b&varc171=Tau Boötis b&vard171=Alpha Centauri Bb&vart171=D&vare172=Canadian History (I)&vari172=2003&varq172=When the British evacuated New York City in 1783, they took many Loyalist refugees to Nova Scotia, while other Loyalists went to southwestern Quebec. So many Loyalists arrived on the shores of the St. John River that this separate colony was created in 1784.&vara172=Prince Edward Island&varb172=Ontario&varc172=New Brunswick&vard172=Labrador&vart172=C&vare173=World War I (I)&vari173=3116&varq173=1914: June 28, Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb student and member of Young Bosnia, assassinates the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, __________ in Sarajevo, Bosnia.&vara173=Archduke Otto Franz&varb173=Archduke Karl Ludwig&varc173=Archduke Franz Ferdinand&vard173=Archduke Ferdinand Karl&vart173=C&vare174=Ancient History (I)&vari174=114&varq174=He was presumably the first true king of Upper Egypt (c. 3200 BC).&vara174=Hotepsekhemwy &varb174=Djer &varc174=Narmer &vard174=Scorpion I&vart174=D&vare175=Movies (I)&vari175=2554&varq175=She won the 1972 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Drama for her role in "The Emigrants".&vara175=Cicely Tyson&varb175=Tuesday Weld&varc175=Liv Ullmann &vard175=Diana Ross &vart175=C&vare176=Music (I)&vari176=3251&varq176=In 1988 he became the first artist to have five singles from one album reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is the only male to do so. &vara176=Michael Jackson&varb176=Phil Collins&varc176=George Michael&vard176=Bon Jovi&vart176=A&vare177=Baseball (II)&vari177=411&varq177=Nolan Ryan holds the record for most strikeouts, career, __________.&vara177=5,714&varb177=6,129&varc177=4,453&vard177=5,565&vart177=A&vare178=Classical History (I)&vari178=783&varq178=475 AD: Byzantine Emperor __________ is forced to flee his capital at Constantinople, and his general, Basiliscus gains control of the empire.&vara178=Zeno&varb178=Justin I&varc178=Anastasius I&vard178=Leo II "the Little"&vart178=A&vare179=Medieval History (I)&vari179=538&varq179=During the Middle Ages under the influence of the Christian Church, many countries moved the start of the year to one of several important Christian festivals — such as December 25, March 1, and __________.&vara179=February 14&varb179=September 17&varc179=March 25&vard179=January 12&vart179=C&vare180=American Football (I)&vari180=3407&varq180=He holds the record for most points scored in one season, 186.&vara180=Stephen Gostkowski&varb180=Paul Hornung&varc180=Brett Favre&vard180=LaDainian Tomlinson&vart180=D&vare181=Cataclysm and Calamities (I)&vari181=958&varq181=January 22, 1906: SS __________ runs aground on rocks on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, killing more than 130.&vara181=Topeka &varb181=Valencia&varc181=Salvor&vard181=Czar&vart181=B&vare182=Cricket (I)&vari182=2788&varq182=His total of 22 Test centuries remained an English record until Alastair Cook surpassed it in December 2012.&vara182=Jack Hobbs&varb182=Wally Hammond&varc182=Geoff Boycott&vard182=Colin Cowdrey&vart182=B&vare183=Movies (I)&vari183=2559&varq183=He won the 1969 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama playing Rooster Cogburn in "True Grit".&vara183=John Wayne&varb183=Dustin Hoffman&varc183=Richard Burton&vard183=Burt Lancaster&vart183=A&vare184=Comics (I)&vari184=83&varq184=June 19, 1978: The comic strip __________ makes its debut.&vara184=B.C. &varb184=Herman &varc184=Garfield &vard184=Gnorm Gnat&vart184=C&vare185=Movies (I)&vari185=2546&varq185=The 1946 movie "It's a Wonderful Life" was directed by __________.&vara185=William Wyler&varb185=John Huston&varc185=Frank Capra&vard185=Michael Curtiz&vart185=C&vare186=French History (I)&vari186=2896&varq186=The __________ were the most hostile of the Belgae to Roman rule. A fierce and brave tribe, they did not allow the import of luxury items as they believed these had a corrupting effect. They had no intention of entering peace negotiations with the Romans.&vara186=Bellovaci&varb186=Nervii&varc186=Suessiones&vard186=Morini&vart186=B&vare187=Golf (I)&vari187=2566&varq187=He become the first non-American born player to win the PGA Championship in 1962. He won again in 1972.&vara187=Nick Price&varb187=Gary Player&varc187=David Graham&vard187=Greg Norman&vart187=B&vare188=Modern History - 1600s (I)&vari188=1207&varq188=__________ escapes prison in Ceylon, and details his adventures across Kandy and life in the kingdoms of the Tamil country Vanni in his book An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon. &vara188=Stephen Rutland&varb188=James Fleetwood&varc188=Robert Hooke&vard188=Robert Knox&vart188=D&vare189=Olympics (I)&vari189=1790&varq189=This Olympic committee has won more Winter Olympic gold medals than any other.&vara189=USSR&varb189=USA&varc189=Norway&vard189=Germany&vart189=C&vare190=Jokes (I)&vari190=1467&varq190=I like a woman with a head on her shoulders. I hate necks.&vara190=Bernie Mac&varb190=Redd Foxx&varc190=Steve Martin&vard190=Billy Crystal&vart190=C&vare191=Strange Deaths (I)&vari191=2139&varq191=In the Dancing Plague of 1518 a woman (and eventually a league of 400 people) uncontrollably danced for a month causing dozens of participants to die of stroke and exhaustion. The reason for this occurrence is still unclear.&vara191=Strasbourg &varb191=Aachen&varc191=Flanders&vard191=Cologne&vart191=A&vare192=Golf (I)&vari192=2564&varq192=Due to its distinction as the season's final major, the __________ is nicknamed "Glory's Last Shot". &vara192=Open Championship&varb192=PGA Championship&varc192=Masters Tournament&vard192=British Open&vart192=B&vare193=Astronomy (I)&vari193=993&varq193=A gas giant with an average radius about nine times that of Earth.&vara193=Jupiter&varb193=Saturn&varc193=Alpha Centauri Bb&vard193=Kepler-42d&vart193=B&vare194=French History (I)&vari194=2905&varq194=The __________ founded cities such as Lutetia Parisiorum (Paris) and Burdigala (Bordeaux).&vara194=Britons&varb194=Aquitanians &varc194=Celts&vard194=Phoenicians&vart194=C&vare195=Animals (I)&vari195=2714&varq195=A group of Bass is known as a __________.&vara195=Haul&varb195=Bloat&varc195=Shoal&vard195=Catch&vart195=C&vare196=Modern History - 1900s (I)&vari196=652&varq196=The Boy Scout Association was created in ___________ in order to provide a national body which could organise and support the rapidly growing number of Scout Patrols.&vara196=1960&varb196=1922&varc196=1910 &vard196=1943&vart196=C&vare197=Capitals of the World (I)&vari197=2099&varq197=By 1713, the sparsely settled Bahamas had become a pirate haven for pirate chieftains Thomas Barrow and Benjamin Hornigold. They proclaimed __________ a pirate republic, establishing themselves as "governors", and were joined by Charles Vane, Calico Jack Rackham, and the infamous Edward Teach, known as "Blackbeard", along with women pirates such as Anne Bonny and Mary Read.&vara197=Apia&varb197=Tarawa&varc197=Nassau&vard197=Niamey&vart197=C&vare198=Olympics (I)&vari198=1784&varq198=Burundi first participated at the Olympic Games in 1996, and has sent athletes to compete in every Summer Olympic Games since then winning 1 medal (gold).&vara198=Vénuste Niyongabo&varb198=Olivier Irabaruta&varc198=Francine Niyonsaba&vard198=Charles Nkazamyampi&vart198=A&vare199=Cataclysm and Calamities (I)&vari199=829&varq199=January 13, 1939: The Black Friday bush fires burn __________ square kilometers of land in Australia, claiming the lives of 71 people.&vara199=8000&varb199=20000 &varc199=3000&vard199=12000&vart199=B&vare200=Ancient History (I)&vari200=1120&varq200=The Mausoleum is dedicated to a man named Mausolus, who was a __________ Governor of Anatolia. &vara200=Cappadocian&varb200=Thracian&varc200=Greek&vard200=Persian &vart200=D